Terms and Condition






Riders must at all time wear a riding hat that conforms with the current BSI standards when riding the Horse.

Body Protectors are compulsory for Cross Country Jumping and advisory for all other ridden disciplines. 

Correct footwear must be worn when riding, I will not teach a rider wearing trainers, wellies, country boots etc… correct riding footwear must be worn. 

At all times when riding or handling on or near a road high visibility clothing must be worn by all parties. 

It is up to the rider (or parent/guardian if rider is under 18yo) to ensure the correct attire and safety equipment is worn. 


All lessons are to be made by an adult (over 18yo), no children are allowed to book lessons.

Any under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 


Any medical conditions of horse or rider must be declared prior to the session. 

In the interests of horse welfare. If a horse is lame or for other reasons unrideable when the lesson commences, I will ask the rider to dismount and I endeavour to continue with the session and still provide an unmounted session with the rider. This will still be chargeable. 


A minimum requirement of 36 Hours notice must be given for all cancellations/postponements.  Less than 36 hours notice will require full payment, 48 hours will result in a 50% fee and anything more than 48 hours will not incur a fee. The only exception being to appointments which are made at short notice. 

All cancellations/postponements should be made in writing or by telephone, you must be sure to get a response. 

Special offer / block bookings lessons are non refundable.

Any alterations are to be made by an adult (over 18yo), no children are allowed to alter lessons.


It is recognised that equestrian activities are hazardous to participants, regardless of all feasible safety measures which can be taken; each person participating in an equestrian activity expressly presumes the risk and legal responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to person or property which results in an equestrian activity. 


We advise for your own protection that additional insurance is taken out independently by each rider and for each horse.



The horse owner warrants that the horse is in a general state of good health and free from and infectious diseases at the commencement of the livery service.

It is the owners responsibility to ensure the horse is vaccinated to date. 


For all veterinary assistance I shall use the horses own veterinarian. I will contact the owner prior to making an appointment to discuss, unless in the event of an emergency. 


It is our recommendation that the owner seeks appropriate insurance for their horse and any personal equipment such as tack. 


For all farrier services the yard farrier will be used and charged to the client on the invoice, unless arranged otherwise. 


On full livery the yard is responsible for watering, feeding, maintenance and bedding, grooming, exercise and other daily tasks. 

Worming, farrier and teeth inspection can be arranged as necessary, but will be chargeable to the horse owner. 

If any special requirements for the Horse comes to light during the period of livery which involve additional cost then these costs are to be payable by the Horse Owner upon demand, in addition to the Livery Fee.


All fees are decided on a case by case basis and agreed with the client, these will then be invoiced and payment is expected on receipt of invoice. Any query with an invoice must be highlighted within 48hours of receipt. 

We reserve the right to vary the quoted price for the goods/services in accordance with market conditions at the date of actual supply and the purchaser shall pay such additions to the quoted price. The client will be informed of this. 


The owner is entitled to visit the horse, but this must be arranged by appointment only. 


The livery is provided on a weekly basis and can be cancelled at any time, without notice, but bills must be settled. 





Payment are accepted as follows:

Cheque – In person and by mail (subject to clearance)
Cash – In person only.
Bank Transfer – Please ask for details.


If you wish to make a complaint about the goods or services provided.  Please put the complaint in writing (with your name, address and telephone number) and send by email or post. This must be made within 48hours of the goods/services being received. 


If you do not agree with any of our Terms and Conditions, then you do not have permission to book a lesson or bring your horse onto the premises. Because our Terms and Conditions are available online and on request at any time, you have every opportunity to read them before booking any activity and a refund will not be available on failure to accept them.

By engaging in any services provided by West Barn Equine or Katie Kirkpatrick it is assumed that you have read and understood and agree to all the Terms and Conditions as set out above whether made verbally or in writing.