Confidence Building

Katie works with horse and rider confidence issues, building a stronger bond so that they learn to trust each other. 

This can be hacking, jumping, dressage, competing... 

Katie use a range of exercises, mental and physical, to help reduce fear and increase confidence. Taking everything at the pace of each individual combination. 

Previously Katie has worked with people who have been bolted with, bucked off, kicked, been towed around in-hand and many more, and these people have understandably lost their confidence. This is where Katie steps in and works on the ground and under saddle at a steady rate, doing a lot in walk to establish good communication between horse and rider before moving on to the next stage.

Often when we get nervous we tense, so Katie encourages and teaches the use of breathing techniques and mindfulness to improve relaxation. 


Please get it touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss your circumstances further.