Video Feedback

Video Feedback


Katie now offers a video feedback service, this is a remote service. 

Video feedback has been proven to improve learning, as you are not only getting feedback from a trainer, but you are able to watch what you are doing, helping the information sink in faster and more effectively. 

This service is aimed at those who are:

- Too far away for me to travel to

- As a helping hand in between sessions

- For any riders lacking confidence to book a lesson, for some, lessons themselves can be too intimidating.

This is a great way to watch your riding back, along with my notes and help you put the correct techniques into action. You can see what you are currently doing and Katie will give a detailed description of what to alter/improve and how.

Working on rider's posture and straightness and how that affects the horse. Analysis of the horse's movement and posture and focusing on how to improve balance, posture and rhythm.

Katie will give you exercises to work on and other helpful tips.

Video feedback is used in many other sports but is not yet used enough in horse riding.

You send a video of a "normal" in-hand/lunging/riding session and Katie will write a written assessment via email. 

This will detail areas where you need to focus, detailed explanations of exercises to perform to help your horse and some video tuition if required. 

The video will need to include:

Walk, trot and canter (or whichever gaits you do) on both reins.

A 20m circle on each rein in trot and/or canter.

A straight line away from the camera and towards the camera in walk, trot and/or canter.

If jumping, the video must include the horse jumping a fence off both reins. 

The video must, of course, be of good quality, most SmartPhones nowadays do a very good quality video.

The video should be about 10-15mins duration, no longer than 25 mins. 

The video analysis costs £25 per combination, and will include the written feedback. Please contact Katie on 07920 578088, at [email protected] or on Facebook