Schooling Services

Schooling Services

Katie has years of experience backing and schooling horses from all backgrounds in all disciplines.

She understand that each individual horse has different requirements and develop at different rates, this is what makes the service unique. She likes to discuss each horse separately and devise a timescale and work plan for each individual horse. What works for one doesn't work for others and an individual plan will help get the best from each horse or pony.

She likes to keep our owners involved during the process, particularly if they are planning to ride the horse themselves, to ensure that the owner/rider is able to continue the work and develop a successful relationship with the horse. At the end of the day it is counter-productive if the horse goes well for Katie but the good work is not continued with the owner/rider. Katie is always at the end of the phone to help with any questions or issues which may arise.

Katie typically works with:

  • Behavioural issues
  • Ridden problems
  • Handling problems
  • General Schooling
  • In-hand/lunge work
  • Backing young horses
  • Green and inexperienced horses
  • Nervous horses
  • Ex-racehorses/polo horses
  • Rehabilitation from injury/surgery

Using techniques such as:

  • Long reining (arena/fields/roads)
  • Lunging
  • In-hand work
  • Hand walking
  • Polework
  • Lateral schooling under saddle and on the ground to increase strength and suppleness. 
  • Hacking (in company and alone when confident enough)

Katie can also offer a short-term livery option for select horses who require further schooling, please contact Katie for more details and prices. 

If you think that West Barn Equine could be of assistance to you and your horse please do not hesitate to contact us.