About Katie


Katie is incredibly passionate about horses and has been from a young age. Her devotion to improving the wellbeing of ridden and non-ridden horse's, is what has driven her to learn about the mechanics of movement and discover a holistic approach to training. Katie realised that, in order to improve the horse's overall perforarmance and wellbeing, you have to take a "Whole Horse Approach" looking at saddle fit, training, rider balance, diet, hooves, management as well as considering the various treatments, alternative and veterinary, available to assist with the training and rehabilitation of horses. 

Having ridden from a young age, Katie has encountered the easy horses and the challenging horses, and she has been moulded into the horsewoman she is today because of the variety of horses she has ridden and worked with. The tricky ones have taught her the hardest lessons in patience and compassion and the "good ones" have restored her confidence to keep going! 

Katie has participated in a multitude of equestrian disciplines and has a wealth of experience to share with her clients. Overr the year of various competitions and training, it has become apparent how important the fundamental flatwork training is. 

Katie prides herself on going above and beyond for her clients, and is always on the end of the phone for advice.


Over the years Katie has learnt that you don't get anywhere by trying to 'tell' a horse, you should ask with compassion and respect, and only then will that horse give you one hundred percent. If it was as easy as 'telling' them what to do, everyone would be successfull, wouldn't they?