West Barn Equine Livery Handbook

Livery Yard Handbook:

West Barn Equine


Nobottle Grange Farm


Version November 2020


This handbook is designed to best inform you with regards to our yard, routine and rules, as well as some useful information. If you have any questions regarding what is contained herein, please do just ask. West Barn Equine reserves the right to amend and re-issue this handbook on an annual basis, or amend as necessary, to provide you with the most up to date information.


General Yard Rules

  • Young children must not be left unsupervised on the yard.
  • Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times.
  • Do not feed any animals that are not your own, unless you have asked the owner’s permission.
  • Haynets are permitted on the yard whilst horses are tied up. You must ensure all hay is cleared from the yard and the haynet is removed after use.
  • Horses must not be tied using bridles/bits/chifneys/dually/chain headcollars etc… The rope must be attached to the ordinary head collar ring when tied up.Please do not leave horses unattended whilst tied on the yard, and please do not leave horses loose on the yard or other communal yard areas.
    • Rodent prevention- Please ensure that any feed spillages in stables, cubby holes on the yard and in the feed room are cleared immediately to discourage rodent activity. The feed room has a dustpan and brush for clearing up spillages.
    • DIY liveries and part liveries must have their own tools and mucking out equipment.
    • Please ensure that all mess made on the yard by you or your horse is swept/tidied up i.e.Ensure lights are switched off after use.
      • horses walking bedding out of the stable (alternatively pick feet before leaving stable)
      • rugs covered in bedding being changed on the yard
      • haynet useage on the yard
      • feet pickings
      • hosing mud off
      • feeding
    • The hose may be used to wash buckets, horses and spray mud off legs, but any debris must swept up and the hose must be turned off after use.
    • The hot shower must not be left running, please be sensible.
    • Occasional guests are allowed to come and visit/ride, providing they have the relevant insurance.
    • At no point is anyone other than the liveries themselves allowed the code or keys for access to areas such as the tack room.
    • Please do not leave half-full wheelbarrows on the yard or in your stable- please empty before leaving the yard. For the odd droppings please use one of the yard barrows or take straight up to the muck heap.
  • If riding out on your own, you are advised to share details of your planned route with fellow clients, staff or management in case of an accident. When riding out, it is advised to take your mobile phone with you at all times.
  • Keep stable doors closed when not in use to keep the gangways clear.
  • The area outside your stable must be clean and tidy and well swept.


Muck heap

  • The muck heap must be kept square and flat at all times. If a sloped muck heap forms, it makes it difficult for the next person to throw the muck up suitably.
  • Any spillages on the way to the muck heap or up the ramp must be cleaned up.
  • Only compostable waste can go on the muck heap.
  • Any hay that can be re-used must not be thrown on the muck heap.


Arena Use

  • Please be considerate to other riders when sharing arenas, passing left to left.
  • Booking process for use of arena – the diary is located by the walker. Each horse receives one hour per week sole use of the arena, to be noted down in red for private use. If you wish to ride at a particular time on a particular day but are happy to share the facility, you can note this in green to show people that you will be using the arena but are happy to share and avoids someone else booking the arena out during this time.
  • If you use poles/jumps, please put away immediately after use, unless agreed otherwise.
  • The arena must be poo picked immediately after use.
  • The arena lights must be switched off as soon as possible after use, and not left on unnecessarily.
  • The grass arena will be closed in wet conditions, please be sensible when using this.


Horse walker

  • Horses should be supervised at all times when on the walker.
  • Please clear any droppings once your session is finished.


Yard Storage Areas

  • All clients are given a designated storage area. Please only keep relevant tools and equipment on the yard to minimise clutter. We reserve the right to request the removal of any excess equipment we do not deen necessary to be on the yard. Please ensure all tools and equipment are left clean and returned to storage areas when finished with.
  • Please keep these areas tidy. 


Fields and Turnout/Bring in

  • Please ensure that all field gates are fastened, even if they are empty.
  • No horses are to be left out on their own or after dark, unless agreed otherwise. This will be discussed with each herd.
  • Please notify the Yard Manager if you spot any electric fencing down.
  • Yard turn out is around 7:30am, should you wish to turn your horse out before this you must notify the Yard Managed the day before, so that arrangements can be made, to not leave other horses on their own.
  • All horses must be visited by the owner and turned out (or hayed and watered) prior to 9am. Any horses who have not been attended to by this time (with no notification having been received from the owner) shall be turned out or hayed/ watered and a £5 charge added to your bill.
  • In the winter months, stabled horses must be brought in before dark, unless otherwise agreed. Any horses who have not been brought in by this time (with no notification having been received from the owner) or if the horses are seen to be galloping around the fields and not appearing to settle down, shall be brought in, hayed if necessary and a £5 charge added to your bill.
  • Where possible, please try to avoid leaving horses in the yard on their own, or in paddocks on their own.
  • Please be aware that whilst we offer year-round grazing, we reserve the right to reduce or restrict this as we see fit, particularly wet, cold or snowy weather to maintain our paddocks.
  • If you witness another horse stressing/galloping around please inform the Yard Manager as soon as possible.
  • Check water troughs and fencing at turnout times and notify the Yard Manager of any issues.



  • The tack room must be locked once you have finished, or if you are leaving the yard.
  • Please report any suspicious activity, people or vehicles to the Yard Manager immediately and take photos where possible.


Responsibility of repairs – field and yard

  • Full and part liveries must notify the Yard Manager of any breakages.
  • DIY and Assisted DIY liveries must notify the Yard Manager of any breakages and carry out suitable repairs. This will be dependent upon the type of damage caused.


Equine Professionals and other visitors

  • The Yard Manager must be notified of any visitors to the yard- instructors, farriers, vets etc… All visitors must have the relevant insurance.



  • Please park sensibly in the area allocated for “Stables Parking”, not in the lorry park.
  • Please do not block any access areas.
  • Machinery and tractors are used around the yard. Vehicles must give way to machinery around the yard.


Waste Removal / Bins

  • The bins on the yard are for dry, clean waste only i.e. bedding wrappers, drinks bottles etc…
  • Food waste must go in the kitchen bin.


Extreme Weather

  • In the event of poor weather, such as storms, snow or ice, contingency plans may need to be followed.
  • In the event of snow, flooding or ice we shall contact all clients to update them with regards to the yard access and turnout availability.
  • In those unusual circumstances the yard will tend to the horse and the owner will be charged, subject to the standard service costs for cover.


These rules are relevant to all liveries, sharers and visitors to the yard.



I understand that West Barn Equine hold my personal details such as; name, address, contact number, email address, as well as details about my horse in order to provide myself and my horse with a livery service and provide me with invoices and other documentation relating to said services.


Equine Passports

Following the introduction of the Equine Identification (England) Regulations 2018, it is now a legal requirement for equines to be accompanied by their Equine Passport at all times, including when stabled or at grass. This, therefore, makes it a requirement for the Equine Passport to be retained at the premises housing that equine. If your passport is not already with Katie Kirkpatrick of West Barn Equine please ensure that the passport is provided to Katie before Wednesday 4th November 2020. If you do not with West Barn Equine to hold your horse’s passport you will be required to sign our “Passport Retention Form”.  



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