Client Feedback / Testimonials

Client Feedback / Testimonials

Debbie Wise - Wise Owl Equine

“I have been massaging Katie's horses for a while now and it’s great to work with her. She understands her horses, and always strives to do the best for them. She applies the same dedication to her clients and their prized equines. I have met a lot of lovely clients through Katie and would be happy to recommend her in the future.”

Angela Cairns with Sammy and Merlin

Katie has been training by two boys Sam and Merlin for the last year, I couldn’t ask for a more compassionate, patient, knowledgeable and professional horsewomen.  Katie looks at the whole horse and plans their work accordingly.  Both of my horses have been transformed over this year and they have gained so much more experience and confidence under Katie’s leadership and work in a manner that makes them both an absolute pleasure to ride.

Sam is my 17 nearly 18 year old Warmblood 16.1h who has had everything possible in the medical book going from colic surgery to lymphangitis, there was a point just before Katie came into our world that I was considering retiring him, he didn’t seem ‘happy’ in himself and ‘something’ just wasn’t quite right but as a novice rider/owner I couldn’t quite work it out.  Katie has turned Sam around into a horse that is willing and wants to have a go, he is doing collected and extended work and is really enjoying life.

Merlin is my 12 year old Irish Draught and a big boy at 17.1h, he was heavy on the forehand and could be quite sharp at times and had unseated me on a number of occasions.  After some changes that Katie has made Merlin is soft in the mouth, he has built up topline and his condition just keeps on improving and for me as a rider I have not fallen off since! 

I have also been having lessons with Katie and my riding style has radically changed, I feel so much more confident in the saddle and actually feel like I know what I am doing!  Katie has a natural teaching style and explains things in a manner that are easy to understand, I have had other instructors teaching me over the years and she is by far the best instructor that I have worked with, she is positive, hardworking, considerate and without doubt will most definitely enhance your riding ability and that of your horses.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Katie if you need help with you horse(s) and indeed your own riding.

Jackie Theaker and Billy 

“Katie Kirkpatrick has been a god send.

 I have had some ups and downs with my 12 year old pony Billy since owning him in the last 2.5 years.  Probably more downs than up, and at my wits end I had even tried to sell him – but unsurprisingly he came back. Then in June 2016 a friend suggested I asked Katie to come and assess Billy.  Since then Katie’s advice, along with her extensive experience and knowledge have been priceless.  Billy has gone from being a very reluctant, very jumpy/sharp pony to a relaxed, more confident pony.  Katie didn’t just look at Billy, she was able to assess the whole picture.  Within a couple of visits she came up with a plan that was to help Billy and also myself – I was also lacking confidence after Billy had bolted in a field and I had a nasty fall. Katie soon realized she wasn’t just working with a nervous pony, there was a very nervous owner too.

Thanks to Katie and her customised plan for us, Billy is now becoming the pony I always wanted.  We are now looking to build on this new found confidence to see just how much fun we can really have.  I don’t want to think about where we might have been if Katie hadn’t come along. All I can say is I’m just so pleased that she did and Billy boy is still with me.  Thank you Katie!”

Jackie Theaker and Billy

Maddie, Jayne and Hero

Last summer my mum and I bought our now 8 year old Irish sports horse as a nice safe all rounder for us to have some fun on. The relationship got off to a shakey start with Hero throwing my mum off and causing some serious damage to her confidence. From then on it has been a battle to try and build the bond and get Hero to a place where he feels happy and comfortable with us and us with him. I had known Katie and her horses for some time and thought it would be worth getting her for a lesson. I can honestly say from the word go Katie has been whole heartedly invested in our boy and our own individual progress. Her extensive knowledge and empathetic approach have been invaluable in getting into Hero's head and working out his motivations. She has guided us through saddle woes, back specialists and diet queries all with Hero's wellbeing as the central focus. The phrase 'above and beyond' does not come close to the effort Katie has put into the three of us. We are so grateful for all she has done and continues to do, and we would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to get results out of their horse in the right way.

Karen and Bles

Katie has helped me and my horse which extends far beyond training. My 20 year old horse suffers with a heart murmur and recently developed Cushings which has resulted in hindquarter muscle wastage. Katie has helped him with suppleness and muscle building and he is happier as a result. I've had so much help in other areas which have been invaluable to my horse (and to me). Whether it's looking at what my horse is eating, to the best numnah that's right for him to the benefit of magnetic boots - Katie has been on hand to give me her expertise.

Jayne and Herbie

Katie she is an absolute superstar – don’t know what I would do without her help and support in all matters horsey, she is the first person I turn to!

If you ask for Katie’s help with a problem, she will go above and beyond what might be reasonably expected to make a difference to you and your horse, whether she is schooling, teaching or offering advice.

Katie runs a thoroughly professional service, but best of all she is a lovely, warm and friendly person and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Thanks Katie