Ad Hoc Services for Existing Liveries

Ad Hoc Services

This service is available for current liveries at Nobottle Grange Stables. 

Please complete the form below and read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page. 


Existing Livery Ad Hoc Services
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Terms and Conditions
Owner's must provide 1 month’s notice for all cover of more than 7 days and 7 day’s notice for any other services.
Services may be provided with shorter notice, however, cannot be guaranteed. 

The owner will be expected to provide adequate quantity and quality bedding, forage and feed for the horse. 
Regular services shall be invoiced at the end of each month. 

Ad-hoc services shall be invoiced at the end of the Period worked. 

Invoices are to be paid within 7 days. The yard manager reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of 5%. 


In the event that the YARD MANAGER believes the HORSE is in need of farrier/trimmer or veterinary attention and it is in the interest of the HORSE’S welfare to receive treatment, the YARD MANAGER reserves the right to contact their own (or the HORSE’S own) veterinary surgeon or farrier/trimmer to undertake treatment, provided that the YARD MANAGER has made all reasonable attempts to contact the HORSE OWNER before this decision is made. The responsibility of any incurred costs relating to the HORSE lies solely with the HORSE OWNER.


 The HORSE OWNER agrees that if a Veterinarian advises immediate euthanasia of the HORSE to prevent further suffering in the case of severe injury or illness and the HORSE OWNER cannot quickly be contacted, the YARD MANAGER is authorised to give permission to the Veterinarian on the HORSE OWNER'S behalf.

By commissioning these services, it is assumed you agree to these conditions.